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Review Kids ARF Trooper Costume Halloween Costumes 2017

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Kids ARF Trooper Costume Halloween Costumes 2017

The tragic fact of the wars that took place amidst the stars in a galaxy far, far away is that the bulk of the Imperial forces were really dealt a pretty horrible hand. First off, the majority of them were simply clones. You cant imagine that they really got to know each other on an individual level. And, their paychecks were obviously only written out to Stormtrooper #5438132. Thats clearly the first sign that you are under appreciated at work. It is no surprise that they didnt really try that hard. How else can you explain a couple dozen troopers firing blasters down a corridor and only barely hitting a few strips of clothing?

Fortunately things have taken a bit of an upswing for the troopers as the star wars have gone on. Theyve taken to having a bit more of an identity and specializing in a few tactics. The Clone Wars especially offered some of these unique drives for individual talents, including the advanced recon force troopers. These ARF soldiers were some real talented and troublesome folks to deal with thanks to their camouflage tactics and the skills to hide even in plain sight! That sound at all familiar to you?

You know the point when you are in the most danger is when you cant hear your kids making a bunch of noise in the background. You know you cant compete with their stealthy tactics, so it is better to give them a resource to use it rather than testing it out on your house. We can help with this officially licensed Kids ARF Trooper costume. The screen printed jumpsuit and attached boot tops nearly complete the look, but the ARF Trooper half mask will have your tyke ready to take down those rebels. (At least until you pick up a Jedi robe for yourself!)

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