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Review Child EMT Vest Halloween Costumes 2017

Every year, when it is time for Halloween, everyone is trying to find the best possible costumes that no one else will have. It is really hard to find the best places to buy the cool Halloween costumes that are just different from the rest of the other costumes. There are a lot of online stores like online store that is really great to buy your costumes from, but there are also some online stores that are really not a great place to find your costumes.

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Child EMT Vest Halloween Costumes 2017

The EMT is the best. If their job was only to stay awake all night, most of us would decline to do it. If their job was only to drive around city traffic at breakneck speeds in a truck, even fewer of us would sign up. But that they do those things and save lives, thinking on the fly to solve the grizzliest problems life can throw at us...well, thats a hero, plain and simple. What better role model for your kid than these real life heroes who put so much on the line just to save our hides? Well, maybe Batman, but trust us, his origin story doesnt really pan out in your favor.

Alternately, this might be the most terrifying costume we have in store. Think about it: you just flipped your Lamborghini Veneno off of Avenue dOstende in Monaco after a night playing high stakes poker (were not judging you for this, it happens to us all the time). Youre hurt, you call out for help. You cross your fingers and hope. To your relief someone approaches. Youre saved! But wait -- as the sole figure comes into focus, something seems off about it. Its too...short. And it hits you. Its one of those new child EMTs youve been hearing about. Cant be older than eight. They bend over beside you, take something out of their bag, and hand it to you. A SpongeBob Squarepants Band-Aid. You drift off into the darkness.

Our Child EMT Vest comes with a cap and duffel bag, everything your child needs to play the part of a real hero. The reflective vest is as authentic-looking as it is safe in the night time, and looks just like the real deal with ample pockets and patches. Your little EMT will love a bag as part of their costume, just the thing to fill with candy. Bandages and syringes can wait!

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10 Ways to Save Money on Halloween Dresses

Buying a Halloween Costumes for your children can be expensive especially if you have more than one child, who needs a Halloween dress? Most often, children wear their every two weeks costume for Halloween and a costume party or march, and we will never see the costumes unless they use it for play dates or to have fun time.

At the beginning of October each year, neighbors both start to be very excited about Halloween decorations. Like their favorite festivals, decorations begin to multiply in their rams almost every day. Insects, tombstone, skeletons, bats, and ghosts until Halloween arrives finally. That's when the real show starts!

Here are 10 tips to help you save this year's money on Halloween for adults and children 1. Know Where to Look

Look at Craigslist and look for "Halloween Costume" in your local area. The nice thing about Craigslist is that many people will give a brief summary of the type of item listed. This is particularly useful if you are looking for something you have in mind. You can even check Penny Saver USA.

2. Being Flexible

The more flexibility you have with the Halloween costume that you wear, the easier it will be to find one that matches your budget for your child or young adult

3. Go to Setting Shop

You can find some incredible dealings on cargo stores on costumes that would only be used once, or may never have been worn. Finding useful clothes for an adult can also be challenging. There are a number of Halloween dresses available on many load stores and nose shops, but you may only find a couple of clothes in your size.

4. Buy Second hand Costumes from the sale of a Garage or selling a Facebook yard

If you are not already part of the Facebook bank sales group, you will want to make a quick search or ask your friends to be added to a local sales group. Some people will try and sell their Halloween costumes throughout the year, especially in September. Garage sales are slightly different, some people will try to catch them when the weather is nice or when they have lots of things to get rid of

5. Loan from a friend or family member

I would like to try and get rid of things when I no longer need it. But I have Halloween dresses from previous years in a trunk road or something. Ask to see if any of your friends or family members would like to make a costumes exchange for Halloween. This can also work for adult costumes, but especially good for children as the children grow as a weeds

6. Re-purpose of Costumes

You can re-use costumes from a previous year to do something completely different. If you have children and breakfast dress up, you can mix and match things that you have collected over the years. A good part of Halloween, you do not have to have a theme but look scary or dear.

7. Make Costumes

This does not necessarily mean leading to your local fabric store and spending a ton of money, it means taking advantage of what you have in your home. With places like Pinterest! You can also find any DIY Halloween costumes for boys, girls and adults.

8. Ask for Gift or Buy from the Dollar Store

The Dollar Tree store has tons of accessories.

9. Shop late

On the other hand, you can also save money when you shop early, and early. If you already know which costume you want for the following year, buy it on Halloween Winter, or the Halloween Day, when all dresses are deeply reduced.

10. Be Creative

If you do not have anything that goes together to dress up as something specific, remove the craziest thing you can find and make a garment out of the item. Try to buy or make one great item that you can wear with the clothes you already have.


I recommend going through your home first to look for clothes that you already have, and to find fun items that you can use as part of the costumes. Halloween dresses are intended to be fun and scary depending on your age. Make your wallet happy too, by carefully using what you have and through smart shopping.